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TFMTODIT(1)                                           TFMTODIT(1)

       tfmtodit - create font files for use with groff -Tdvi

       tfmtodit  [  -sv  ]  [ -ggf_file ] [ -kskewchar ] tfm_file
       map_file font

       tfmtodit creates a font file for  use  with  groff  -Tdvi.
       tfm_file  is  the name of the TeX font metric file for the
       font.  map_file is a file giving the groff names for char-
       acters in the font; this file should consist of a sequence
       of lines of the form:

              n c1 c2 ...

       where n is a decimal integer giving the  position  of  the
       character in the font, and c1, c2,...  are the groff names
       of the character.  If a character has no groff  names  but
       exists  in  the tfm file, then it will be put in the groff
       font file as an unnamed character.  font is  the  name  of
       the  groff  font  file.  The groff font file is written to

       The -s option should be given if the font  is  special  (a
       font is special if troff should search it whenever a char-
       acter is not found in the current font.)  If the  font  is
       special,  it  should be listed in the fonts command in the
       DESC file; if it is not special, there is no need to  list
       it, since troff can automatically mount it when it's first

       To do a good job of math typesetting, groff requires  font
       metric  information not present in the tfm file.  The rea-
       son for this is that TeX has separate  math  italic  fonts
       whereas  groff  uses  normal  italic  fonts for math.  The
       additional information required by groff is given  by  the
       two  arguments  to the math_fit macro in the Metafont pro-
       grams for the Computer Modern fonts.  In a  text  font  (a
       font  for  which math_fitting is false), Metafont normally
       ignores these two arguments.  Metafont can be made to  put
       this  information  in the gf file by loading the following
       definition after cmbase when creating cm.base:

              def ignore_math_fit(expr left_adjustment,right_adjustment) =
                  special "adjustment";
                  numspecial left_adjustment*16/designsize;
                  numspecial right_adjustment*16/designsize;

       The gf file created using this modified cm.base should  be
       specified with the -g option.  The -g option should not be
       given for a font for which math_fitting is true.

Groff Version 1.11      14 September 1996                       1

TFMTODIT(1)                                           TFMTODIT(1)

       -v     Print the version number.

       -s     The font is special.  The effect of this option  is
              to add the special command to the font file.

       -kn    The  skewchar  of  this  font  is at position n.  n
              should be an integer; it may be given  in  decimal,
              or  with a leading 0 in octal, or with a leading 0x
              in hexadecimal.  The effect of this  option  is  to
              ignore  any  kerns  whose  second  component is the
              specified character.

              gf_file is a gf file produced by Metafont  contain-
              ing  special  and  numspecial commands giving addi-
              tional font metric information.

              Device description file.

              Font description file for font F.

       groff(1), grodvi(1), groff_font(5)

Groff Version 1.11      14 September 1996                       2

Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

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