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KVM_READ(3)               OpenBSD Programmer's Manual              KVM_READ(3)

     kvm_read, kvm_write - read or write kernel virtual memory

     #include <kvm.h>

     kvm_read(kvm_t *kd, u_long addr, void *buf, size_t nbytes);

     kvm_write(kvm_t *kd, u_long addr, const void *buf, size_t nbytes);

     The kvm_read() and kvm_write() functions are used to read and write ker-
     nel virtual memory (or a crash dump file). See kvm_open(3) or
     kvm_openfiles(3) for information regarding opening kernel virtual memory
     and crash dumps.

     The kvm_read() function transfers nbytes bytes of data from the kernel
     space address addr to buf. Conversely, kvm_write() transfers data from
     buf to addr. Unlike their SunOS counterparts, these functions cannot be
     used to read or write process address spaces.

     Upon success, the number of bytes actually transferred is returned.  Oth-
     erwise, -1 is returned.

     kvm(3),  kvm_close(3),  kvm_getargv(3),  kvm_getenvv(3),  kvm_geterr(3),
     kvm_getprocs(3),  kvm_nlist(3),  kvm_open(3),  kvm_openfiles(3)

OpenBSD 2.6                      June 4, 1993                                1

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SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

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FreeBSD Sources for kvm_read(3) functions
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