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KPROP(8)                OpenBSD System Manager's Manual               KPROP(8)

     kprop - network utility for Kerberos database propagation

     kadmin database slaves_file [-force] [-safe | -clear] [-realm realm]

     The kprop daemon runs on a Kerberos master and propagates the Kerberos
     database to the Kerberos slaves, where it is received by the waiting
     kpropd(8) daemon.

     The first parameter, database, is the name of the file out of which data
     is extracted.  This file is not the db-formatted Kerberos database,
     /etc/kerberosIV/principal.db. See the db(3) reference page for more in-
     formation.  The database is a file created by the kdb_util slave dump
     command.  It is an ASCII representation of the Kerberos database.

     The second parameter that must be supplied is slaves_file, the name of
     the file on the Kerberos master that lists the Kerberos slaves to which
     kprop propagates the Kerberos master database.  The slaves file contains
     one line for each host running a secondary server consisting on just the
     hostname of the machine.

     The Kerberos utility first determines whether the ASCII Kerberos
     database, database, was correctly dumped by kdb_util. It accomplishes
     this by determining if database is older than the database.dump.ok file
     created by kdb_util during the slave dump operation.  If it is older, the
     dump did not succeed or is not yet finished.  If the dump did not com-
     plete successfully or has not yet completed, the master database is not
     transferred to any Kerberos slave.  Otherwise, kprop determines, for each
     slave server listed in the slaves file, whether or not the database has
     changed since the last successful transfer to the slave.  It determines
     this for slave server cactus by comparing the modification time of the
     cactus-last-prop file, which is stored in the same directory as the
     slaves file, with the modification time of database. If the
     /etc/kerberosIV/cactus-last-prop file is newer, then the database, need
     not be transferred to cactus. Finally, kprop propagates the database to
     those servers which need a new copy of the database and updates the modi-
     fication time of the /etc/kerberosIV/server-last-prop file for these
     slave servers.


     -safe       Data sent over the network will be authenticated at the des-
                 tination and protected against modifications in transit.  In
                 other words, kprop and kpropd will become Kerberos authenti-
                 cated to each other and send messages formatted with

     -clear      Data will be sent in cleartext (not encrypted).  This switch
                 is useful when first setting up the Kerberos environment.

     -realm      Use the specified realm instead of the default from

     -force      Force propagation to slaves even if there have been no recent
                 changes to the master database.  Normally, propagation only
                 takes place if the database file has changed since the last

     This utility does not support the transfer of encrypted data.

     The -clear and -safe options are not implemented.

     kerberos(1),  kpropd(8),  kdb_util(8)

                                 July 2, 1997                                2

Source: OpenBSD 2.6 man pages. Copyright: Portions are copyrighted by BERKELEY
SOFTWARE DESIGN, INC., The Regents of the University of California, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Free Software Foundation, FreeBSD Inc., and others.

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