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RocketAware Orbits

Humans generally follow a "law of least effort" when seeking information. They want to seek first in the familiar places (personal experience, their office bookshelf) and will widen their search as needed. RocketAware Orbits promote this behavior by providing a filtered subset of the items within a subject category. For example, if you wish to view only open source software, you will select the Open Source Software orbit.

When navigating between subject categories, the orbit selection is maintained. If you do not find what you seek in the current orbit, use the link to change the orbit, and see more items in that same category.

One way to think of orbits is to consider them a filter. Another way is to consider them overlapping subsets of the items in the category. Orbits are based on the item characteristics (such as type, cost, license), while the subject of the item is always used to place it into a RocketAware category.

In the future, the number of orbits available as selections will increase. Personalized orbit selections will allow you specifying the characteristics of items you prefer to see with more detail.

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