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Deprecated: Inherited AUTOLOAD for non-methods

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Deprecated: Inherited AUTOLOAD for non-methods

Before Perl 5.004, AUTOLOAD functions were looked up as methods (using the @ISA hierarchy), even when the function to be autoloaded was called as a plain function (e.g. Foo::bar()), not a method (e.g. Foo->bar() or $obj->bar()).

Perl 5.005 will use method lookup only for methods' AUTOLOADs. However, there is a significant base of existing code that may be using the old behavior. So, as an interim step, Perl 5.004 issues an optional warning when a non-method uses an inherited AUTOLOAD.

The simple rule is: Inheritance will not work when autoloading non-methods. The simple fix for old code is: In any module that used to depend on inheriting AUTOLOAD for non-methods from a base class named BaseClass, execute *AUTOLOAD = \&BaseClass::AUTOLOAD during startup.

Source: what's new for perl5.004
Copyright: Larry Wall, et al.
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