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Module information summary

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Module information summary

Brand new modules, arranged by topic rather than strictly alphabetically:

    CGI.pm               Web server interface ("Common Gateway Interface")
    CGI/Apache.pm        Support for Apache's Perl module
    CGI/Carp.pm          Log server errors with helpful context
    CGI/Fast.pm          Support for FastCGI (persistent server process)
    CGI/Push.pm          Support for server push
    CGI/Switch.pm        Simple interface for multiple server types

    CPAN                 Interface to Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
    CPAN::FirstTime      Utility for creating CPAN configuration file
    CPAN::Nox            Runs CPAN while avoiding compiled extensions

    IO.pm                Top-level interface to IO::* classes
    IO/File.pm           IO::File extension Perl module
    IO/Handle.pm         IO::Handle extension Perl module
    IO/Pipe.pm           IO::Pipe extension Perl module
    IO/Seekable.pm       IO::Seekable extension Perl module
    IO/Select.pm         IO::Select extension Perl module
    IO/Socket.pm         IO::Socket extension Perl module

    Opcode.pm            Disable named opcodes when compiling Perl code

    ExtUtils/Embed.pm    Utilities for embedding Perl in C programs
    ExtUtils/testlib.pm  Fixes up @INC to use just-built extension

    FindBin.pm           Find path of currently executing program

    Class/Struct.pm      Declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
    File/stat.pm         By-name interface to Perl's builtin stat
    Net/hostent.pm       By-name interface to Perl's builtin gethost*
    Net/netent.pm        By-name interface to Perl's builtin getnet*
    Net/protoent.pm      By-name interface to Perl's builtin getproto*
    Net/servent.pm       By-name interface to Perl's builtin getserv*
    Time/gmtime.pm       By-name interface to Perl's builtin gmtime
    Time/localtime.pm    By-name interface to Perl's builtin localtime
    Time/tm.pm           Internal object for Time::{gm,local}time
    User/grent.pm        By-name interface to Perl's builtin getgr*
    User/pwent.pm        By-name interface to Perl's builtin getpw*

    Tie/RefHash.pm       Base class for tied hashes with references as keys

    UNIVERSAL.pm         Base class for *ALL* classes

Source: what's new for perl5.004
Copyright: Larry Wall, et al.
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