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Subroutine arguments created only when they're modified

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Subroutine arguments created only when they're modified

In Perl 5.004, nonexistent array and hash elements used as subroutine parameters are brought into existence only if they are actually assigned to (via @_).

Earlier versions of Perl vary in their handling of such arguments. Perl versions 5.002 and 5.003 always brought them into existence. Perl versions 5.000 and 5.001 brought them into existence only if they were not the first argument (which was almost certainly a bug). Earlier versions of Perl never brought them into existence.

For example, given this code:

     undef @a; undef %a;
     sub show { print $_[0] };
     sub change { $_[0]++ };

After this code executes in Perl 5.004, $a{b} exists but $a[2] does not. In Perl 5.002 and 5.003, both $a{b} and $a[2] would have existed (but $a[2]'s value would have been undefined).

Source: what's new for perl5.004
Copyright: Larry Wall, et al.
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