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Multiplicative Operators

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Multiplicative Operators

Binary ``*'' multiplies two numbers.

Binary ``/'' divides two numbers.

Binary ``%'' computes the modulus of two numbers. Given integer operands $a and $b: If $b is positive, then $a % $b is $a minus the largest multiple of $b that is not greater than $a. If $b is negative, then $a % $b is $a minus the smallest multiple of $b that is not less than $a (i.e. the result will be less than or equal to zero).

Binary ``x'' is the repetition operator. In a scalar context, it returns a string consisting of the left operand repeated the number of times specified by the right operand. In a list context, if the left operand is a list in parentheses, it repeats the list.

    print '-' x 80;             # print row of dashes

    print "\t" x ($tab/8), ' ' x ($tab%8);      # tab over

    @ones = (1) x 80;           # a list of 80 1's
    @ones = (5) x @ones;        # set all elements to 5

Source: Perl operators and precedence
Copyright: Larry Wall, et al.
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