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Electronic Commerce Credit Card validation, web storefronts, et al
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Information and Publications: Showing

RFC1865 EDI Meets the Internet Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on the Internet. [c. 1996/01/01]

RFC1898 CyberCash Credit Card Protocol Version 0.8. [c. 1996/02/01]

RFC2351 Mapping of Airline Reservation, Ticketing, and Messaging Traffic over IP. [c. 1998/05/01]

RFC1192 Commercialization of the Internet summary report. [ 1990/11/01]

Misc.business.records-mgmt INTRO (Please Read *BEFORE* Posting)

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/records-mgmt/intro (At MIT)

misc.business.records-mgmt Resources List

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/records-mgmt/resources (At MIT)

Business Objects FAQ, last modified 96/06/26

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/databases/bus-objects-faq (At MIT)

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Books: Showing

Achieving EAI with Service-Based Architectures
[Robert Abate, et al; 2002-10] ISBN 0471415154
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP(R) Applications
[Horst Keller, Sascha Kruger; 2002-07-12] ISBN 0201750805
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Perfect Store: Inside eBay
[Adam Cohen; 2002-06] ISBN 0316150487
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

E-mail Business Strategies & Dozens of Other Great Ways to Take Advantage of the Internet (Revised & Updated for 2002)
[Phil Gurian; 2002-05] ISBN 0962163945
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Effective E-Mail Marketing : The Complete Guide to Creating Successful Campaigns
[Herschell Gordon Lewis; 2002-05] ISBN 0814471471
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

M Commerce: Technologies, Services, and Business Models
[Norman M. Sadeh; 2002-04-19] ISBN 0471135852
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Enterprise Content Services: Connecting Information and Profitability
[Alden Globe, Greg Laugero; 2002-04-17] ISBN 0201730162
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Auction App: How Companies Tap the Power of Online Auctions to Maximize Revenue Growth
[Leland Harden, Bob Heyman; 2002-04-16] ISBN 0071387358
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Sams Teach Yourself J2EE in 21 Days
[Dan Haywood, et al; 2002-04-09] ISBN 0672323842
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

J2EE Professional Projects (With CD-ROM)
[Pallavi Jain, et al; 2002-04] ISBN 1931841225
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Learn Peach Tree Accounting
[Deborah Bean; 2002-04] ISBN 1556227108
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The J2EE(TM) Tutorial
[Stephanie Bodoff, et al; 2002-03-27] ISBN 0201791684
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Developing Jini(TM) Applications Using J2ME(TM) Technology
[Hinkmond Wong; 2002-03-25] ISBN 0201702444
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Developing EJB 2.0 Components
[Pravin V. Tulachan; 2002-03-25] ISBN 0130348635
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE(TM) Platform (2nd Edition)
[Inderjeet Singh, et al; 2002-03-25] ISBN 0201787903
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

JBoss Administration and Development
[Marc Fleury, et al; 2002-03-20] ISBN 0672323478
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Marketing Without Wires: Targeting Promotions and Advertising to Mobile Device Users
[Kim M. Bayne; 2002-03-18] ISBN 0471129607
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Business Rules and Information Systems: Aligning IT with Business Goals
[Tony Morgan; 2002-03-18] ISBN 0201743914
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide
[Mark Cade, Simon Roberts; 2002-03-11] ISBN 0130449164
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

(Partial list shown.)
[Complete List of Books]

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Articles: Showing

E-Business Process Modeling: The Next Big Step ( SelimAissi, PallaviMalu, KrishnamurthySrinivasan ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2002-05)

Using J2EE on a Large, Web-Based Project ( Eric Altendorf, Moses Hohman, Roman Zabicki ; IEEE Software Magazine 2002-03)

- Working on a large, Web-based, Java Two Enterprise Edition (J2EE) custom development and enterprise integration project for the last few years has taught us many valuable lessons. From generating HTML content, to internationalization, to interfacing with third-party systems, to efficient access to application data, we have tried several approaches along the way and have learned what works and what does not. In this paper we present a summary of these experiences with the hope that they may help others working on similar projects improve their own solutions and build upon ours.

Data Warehouses and Decision Support Systems ( MichaelBlaha ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-12)

Database Technology for Decision Support Systems ( SurajitChaudhuri, UmeshwarDayal, VenkateshGanti ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-12)

Clothing the E-Emperor ( John R. Michener, Steven D. Mohan ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-09)

- Internet users need a more trustworthy and accountable exchange system for online transactions.

Using Data Mining Methods to Build Customer Profiles ( Gediminas Adomavicius, Alexander Tuzhilin ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-02)

- The 1:1Pro system constructs personal profiles based on customers' transactional histories. The system uses data mining techniques to discover a set of rules describing customers' behavior and supports human experts in validating the rules.

Value and Productivity in the Internet Economy ( Anitesh Barua, Andrew B. Whinston, Fang Yin ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-05)

Legacy Integration-Changing Perspectives ( Frank P. Coyle ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-03)

- The term legacy has taken on new meaning with the Web's broad success and the demand to bring existing systems quickly into the Internet fold. Instead of replacing legacy systems, we're now looking to interconnect and integrate both code and data with object wrappers and XML-based infrastructures.

E-Commerce: The UK's Model for a Legal European Framework ( Stephen Carter ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-03)

Pricing Internet Services: Proposed Improvements ( Lee W. McKnight, Jahangir Boroumand ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-03)

Pricing Internet Services: Approaches and Challenges ( Lee W. McKnight, Jahangir Boroumand ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-02)

Mobile Commerce: A New Frontier ( Upkar Varshney, Ronald J. Vetter, Ravi Kalakota ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-010)

- As wireless networks grow, mobile electronic commerce will soon follow. How must wireless technologies change to support this growing market? The authors propose a mobile commerce framework to accommodate this new development.

E-Process Design and Assurance Using Model Checking ( Wenli Wang, Zoltán Hidvégi, Andrew D. Bailey, Andrew B. Whinston ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-010)

- Model checking, an advanced formal method, has potential in helping businesses verify their e-processes. Using a simple online ticket sales example, the authors demonstrate that model checking can feasibly find flaws and errors that testing and simulation often miss.

The Future of E-Commerce ( Alfred C. Weaver, Ronald J. Vetter, Andrew B. Whinston, Kathleen Swigger ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-010)

- The future of electronic commerce depends on meeting challenges in wireless technology and security. This special issue addresses these challenges and presents innovative ideas to help shape this dynamic, explosive field.

Business-to-Business E-Commerce Frameworks ( Simon S.Y. Shim, Vishnu S. Pendyala, Meera Sundaram, Jerry Z. Gao ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-010)

- Business-to-business transactions are a growing segment of the e-commerce market. This article analyzes and compares popular B2B frameworks that attempt to address such issues as interoperability and security between enterprises transacting business over the Internet.

Ending the Holy War between Academia and Business ( Paul Zeiger, Joe Jeffrey ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-01)

Jump-Starting the Global Vending Machine ( Ted Lewis ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-06)

A Critical Success Factors Model For ERP Implementation ( Christopher P. Holland, Ben Light ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-05)

- An effective IT infrastructure can support a business vision and strategy; a poor, decentralized one can break a company. More and more companies are turning to off-the-shelf ERP solutions for IT planning and legacy systems management. The authors have developed a framework to help managers successfully plan and implement an ERP project.

Web-Based Enterprise Computing ( Ron Vetter ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-05)

(Partial list shown.)
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Questions and Answers: Showing

Offices vs. Cubes For Developers? [2002/03/25]

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CRM for Linux? [2002/01/17]

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Responsible Handling of Billing Information? [2001/12/25]

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XML eCommerce Standards, What Works for You? [2001/11/01]

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Why Won't You Pay for Content? [2001/07/09]

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Computer Sites that Accept International CCs? [2001/06/15]

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Office/HR Management Software for Unix? [2001/06/12]

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Driving Out Costs with Open Source Tools? [2001/06/04]

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Why Aren't There 'No-Profit' Open Source Companies? [2001/05/30]

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On Starting a Successful ISP? [2001/05/07]

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What's the Street Price of SAP? [2001/05/01]

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Financing Growing Websites? [2001/04/23]

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Open Source Tax Credit? [2001/04/15]

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Getting Good PR for A Small Company? [2001/04/12]

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On The Future of ISPs, Both Large and Small... [2001/04/05]

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Will 'Web Services' Take Off? [ 2000/11/02]

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Online Shopping Outside the US? [ 2000/10/11]

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What Happened to OpenCCVS? [ 2000/10/01]

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Which Ad Network Isn't Evil? [ 2000/09/27]

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E-Commerce Invoicing, Billing and then...Cancellation? [ 2000/09/26]

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Handling Mistakes w/ ISP Billing? [ 2000/09/25]

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Building Large Scale e-Commerce Systems? [ 2000/09/07]

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Protecting Your Company While Protecting Privacy? [ 2000/08/30]

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Shopping Online While Protecting Your Privacy? [ 2000/08/17]

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When Does An ISP's Response Time Become Too Slow? [ 2000/08/11]

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Finding the Right Online Credit Card Merchant? [ 2000/07/20]

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Starting Up A Colocation Service? [ 2000/04/07]

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Cheap Web Hosting for Individuals or Small Firms? [ 2000/03/08]

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Tax Software for Linux Followup [ 2000/01/22]

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SQL Database Backend for Accounting Software [ 2000/01/10]

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Bringing E-Com Sites Down for Y2K? [ 1999/12/28]

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Is there Medical Billing software Available? [ 1998/12/17]

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Linux for business in store demo [ 1998/11/07]

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Unix Business Accounting Programs? [ 1998/10/15]

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Questions and Answers

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Applications and Utilities: Showing

SQL-Ledger Accounting - Multiuser webbased accounting system written in perl, data entry and display through web browser, data is stored in a SQL server. Fully customizable, can be used with different companies / departments. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Linux Kontor - Linux-Kontor is a project for the development of a free ERP (enterprise resource planning) software suite. Its core components are customer, order, invoice and stock management. It's written completely in Java and has a three-tier architecture. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

OpenSourceCRM - The OpenSourceCRM project intends to build a complete, robust, and easy-to-use suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that are compliant with the Open Source definition. {oss}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Artificial Stock Market - ASM is the Santa Fe Institute "Artificial Stock Market" simulation model. This page is mainly aimed to the revision/updating of ASM using the Swarm Toolkit, which is provided by Swarm Development Group (http://www.swarm.org). {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

m-e-c eagle - JAVA XML XSL B2B integration software:SWING based GUI,an EDI to XML, XML to XML and XML to EDI converter,client-server architecture.All EDI standards are supported:EDIFACT,ANSI X.12,SAP IDOC,XCBL,RosettaNet,Biztalk.Included comm:SMTP,FTP,HTTP(S),PGP/MI {oss}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Symphero: Open Source eCommerce - An open-source e-commerce suite for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, supporting multiple databases (currently MySQL, PostGRES and Solid 2.x), distributed object storage (in beta), and advanced marketing and affiliate tracking capabilities. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

saferpay-1.2.2_1 - A command line tool for online payment

At FreeBSD Ports

quantlib-0.2.1 - A comprehensive software framework for quantitative finance

At FreeBSD Ports

achievo-0.6.5 - A flexible web-based resource management tool

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-DataCash-External-2.9.0 - Online credit card transactions

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Business-ISSN-0.90 - Perl extension for International Standard Serial Numbers

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Business-ISBN-1.67 - Work with International Standard Book Numbers

At FreeBSD Ports

jboss-2.4.4 - JBoss, an open-source J2EE application server

At FreeBSD Ports

NeTraMet-4.3 - Implementation of the Internet Accounting Architecture

At FreeBSD Ports
netramet-4.4.8 - NEtwork TRaffic METer (At NetBSD packages collection)

xcept-2.1.2 - a decoder for the CEPT (Btx) protocol

At FreeBSD Ports
xcept-2.1.2.tgz - decoder for the CEPT (Btx) protocol (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
xcept-2.1.2.tgz - decoder for the CEPT (Btx) protocol (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
xcept-2.1.2.tgz - decoder for the CEPT (Btx) protocol (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

VPrice - VPrice is a multiuser self cost calculator for the upcoming KDE2 desktop with support for MySQL. In general it will be used by producers of any kind of products who need to have their product prices calculated "on the fly". {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge (])

ISPd - Billing/user management software for ISPs {GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

Commerce.cgi - Shopping cart script with Store Manager {OpenSource}

(Info at freshmeat)

MiniVend - Powerful freely redistributable shopping cart package {GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

Movie Magic Budgeting 5.6 Upgrade

Movie Magic Budgeting 5.6 Upgrade

Movie Magic Budgeting 5.6

Movie Magic Budgeting 5.6

Policies Now 6.0

Expensable 5: Single User License T&E Expense Reporting

TurboTax 2001 Multi State

BizPlan Builder 8.0 Interactive

Performance Now 3.0

Total E-commerce for Frontpage 2000 and 2002

Business Plan Pro 2002

Accware Integrated Business

Small Business Server 2000 Competitive Product Upgrade (5-Clients)

E-Commerce Construction Kit 2.0 Deluxe

Peachtree Accounting 2002

Peachtree Complete Accounting 2002 Unlimited Users

Peachtree Complete Accounting 2002

Ultimate Business Planner

Staff Files 3.0

Money Manager (Jewel Case)

TurboTax 2001 Business

QuickBooks Pro 4.0 for Macintosh

QuickBooks Premier 2002

QuickBooks Pro 2002 5-User

QuickBooks Pro 2002

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2002

QuickBooks Basic 2002

TaxCut from H&R Block 2001 Deluxe Filing Edition

TaxCut from H&R Block 2001 State Filing Edition

StoreFront 5.0 SE for Microsoft Frontpage

2002 CD Estimator

Tvalue 4.0

TaxCut from H&R Block 2001 Deluxe Filing Edition

TurboTax 2001 Home & Business

TurboTax 2001 Premier

TaxCut from H&R Block 2001 Basic Filing Edition

TimeDirect e-Service Starter Kit

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000

EmailFactory e-Service Starter Kit

MerchandiZer e-Service Starter Kit

Click4HR e-Service Starter Kit

MYOB Plus 11

Banana Accounting 4.0

Approach Millennium Edition 9.5

The Wall Street Journal Online: One-Year Online Subscription

Business Credit Ratings USA 2000

W-2 & 1099 Tax Filer

Employee Appraiser 5.0 Standard Cut Review Writing Time in Half

TaxCut 2001 from H&R Block Federal Filing Edition

TurboTax 2001 Deluxe

TaxCut from H&R Block 2001 Federal Filing Edition

IBM Small Business Suite 1.6 Promo English

TurboTax State CA Ty2001

Business & Consumer Mailing List

Business-CreditCard-0.21.tgz - verify credit card pins

At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386
http://www.openbsd.org/2.8_packages/m68k/Business-CreditCard-0.21.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages m68k)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.8_packages/sparc/Business-CreditCard-0.21.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

Business Mailing Lists

Get a Job! 1.0

Loan Accelerator 1.0

Split-Up.com Pension Evaluator 2002

Moneydance 3.1

Split-Up.com Financial Advisor 2002

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Enterprise Windows NT CD Dev/Test

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 with SQL

Microsoft BizTalk Server Enterprise 2000

My Check Writer Premium Edition

Digital Contracts 4.0

My Check Writer Home & Business

Paytrust-Bill Center-Office

MyChecks Rainbow Pack

My Checks Premium Pack

MyBusiness Checkwriter

My Check Writer Personal

MyChecks Wallet 3-UP

Checkmark Payroll 2002


Timeslips 10.5 Standard Edition

Invoices & Estimates Pro

IBM Small Business Suite for Linux 1.6

Open Business Objects for EDI - OBOE is an EDI and EDI/XML translator. OBOE creates objects statically defined in an XML rules file. These objects, which map to EDI objects can parse X12/EDIFact documents and EDI/XML documents.

At Sourceforge (])

BugInventory Management - BugInventory Management System allows you to monitor efficiency and profits by tracking every transaction in detail, increasing stock turnover, reporting shortages and overages, and providing an easy physical count procedure.

At Sourceforge (])

BugMall Shopping Cart - BugMall Shoppingh Cart is a Web Commerce infrastructure you can outsource, one that lets you focus on the things you really need to.

At Sourceforge (])

Small Business Server 2000 English CD/DVD (5-Cal)

Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 Upgrade (5-cal Add On)

Ecomm Store 2 By Trellian

Ecomm Pro 2 By Trellian

Zoom Server 3.5 Small Business Edition

ECBuilder Developers Edition

WebSphere Commerce Suite 4.1 Start for WIN/NT 128B English Program Pack

WebSphere Commerce STE Start 2000 5.1 Program Pack Processor Store

CCVS (Credit Card Verification System) - Clear credit cards with Linux/Unix {commercial}

(Info at freshmeat)

VShop - e-commerce for you - easy, fast and efficient {commercial}

(Info at freshmeat)

OpenCCVS - Open Credit Card Verification System

(Info at freshmeat)

WebSphere Payment Manager Cassette for Visanet 2.2 Program Pack

eComm Store 2.0

Red Hat E-Commerce Suite

Business Plan Pro 2002

MYOB Firstedge

MyPersonal Checkwriter

My Deluxe Invoices & Estimates


Business Plan Deluxe

Performance Now! Enterprise Ed 4.0 User Only

Anytime Deluxe 8.0

Marketing Plan Pro

MyChecks Standard Business Checks 3-UP

Employee Appraiser 5.0 Deluxe Cut Review Writing Time in Half

Simpata - Simply HR

Anytime Deluxe 8

Review Writer 4.0

Business Plan Toolkit 7.0

Web Strategy Pro 4.0

LLC Maker 1.0

BizPlan Builder 2003 8.1

Time Wolf Pack (25 Employees)

My Professional Business Cards

ProVenture Business Cards

ProVenture Business Legal Forms

ProVenture Invoices and Estimates

Website Marketing Made E-Z

eWallet 2.0 (Professional Edition) for Palm Handhelds

eWallet 2.0

eWallet 2.0 (Professional Edition) for Pocket PCs

Applications and Utilities

Others not displayed here
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Libraries and Components: Showing

p5-Finance-Quote-1.06 - A perl module to get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Math-Financial-0.76 - Perl module containing common functions for loans and annuities

At FreeBSD Ports

libmcve-2.0 - Library to allow credit card processing through MCVE

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Business-CreditCard-0.27 - Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names

At FreeBSD Ports
p5-Business-CreditCard-0.1 (At NetBSD packages collection)
Business::CreditCard - Routines for checking the validity of credit cards and for identifying the card type. (At CPAN)

Ccard.H,Ccard.C ,Ccardplv.H - Credit card validation functions {oss}

At snippets.org

Isisbn.H,Isisbn.C - Validate ISBN (book) numbers {oss}

At snippets.org

Libraries and Functions

Others not displayed here
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