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Information and Publications: Showing

RFC1618 PPP over ISDN. [c. 1994/05/01]

Books: Showing

ISDN and SS7: Architectures for Digital Signaling Networks
[Uyless D. Black, Ulyesses Black; 1997-05-02] ISBN 0132591936
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ISDN For DummiesŪ
[David Angell; 1996-11-20] ISBN 0764500643
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ISDN Consultant: A Guide to Stressfree Telecommunications - "User-friendly overview to ISDN.
[Lee, Arnie ; Prentice-Hall, Inc. ] ISBN 0132590522
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Articles: Showing

Synchronous Optical Network and Broadband ISDN Protocols ( Anna Hac, Hasan B. Mutlu ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1989-11)

- High-level technical information on Sonet (synchronous optical network) B-ISDN (broadband integrated services digital network) protocols, and interface structures is provided. Since the B-ISDN protocol standards to be used in the Broadband Reference Model are currently being discussed in the CCITT, most of the standards are not yet available. Therefore, some of the protocols described here are not based on agreements reached in national and international standards bodies. The discussion covers B-ISDN architecture and the ISO model. Sonet protocols and architecture, B-ISDN configuration, and the ATM (asynchronous transfer model) architecture.

Questions and Answers: Showing

What is the Best ISDN Solution? [ 1999/12/28]

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Linux as an ISDN Based Remote Access Server? [ 1999/10/14]

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ISDN Problems w/ SuSE v6.1 [ 1999/06/16]

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Dual Channel ISDN on Linux? [ 1999/05/14]

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Diamond Netcommander ISDN/EC Support for Linux [ 1998/11/05]

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ISDN and Linux [ 1998/07/16]

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