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Network Time Protocol. Clock synchronization.
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Information and Publications: Showing

RFC1708 NTP PICS PROFORMA - For the Network Time Protocol Version 3. [c. 1994/10/01]

RFC2030 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSI. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC1589 A Kernel Model for Precision Timekeeping. [c. 1994/03/01]

RFC1305 Network Time Protocol (Version 3) Specification, Implementation. [c. 1992/03/01]

RFC1165 Network Time Protocol (NTP) over the OSI Remote Operations Service. [ 1990/06/01]

RFC1128 Measured performance of the Network Time Protocol in the Internet system. [ 1989/10/01]

RFC1129 Internet time synchronization: The Network Time Protocol. [ 1989/10/01]

RFC0957 Experiments in network clock synchronization. [ 1985/09/01]

RFC0956 Algorithms for synchronizing network clocks. [ 1985/09/01]

RFC0867 Daytime Protocol. [ 1983/05/01]

RFC0868 Time Protocol. [ 1983/05/01]

RFC0778 DCNET Internet Clock Service. [ 1981/04/18]

RFC0738 Time server. [ 1977/10/31]

RFC0034 Some Brief Preliminary Notes on the Augmentation Research Center Clock. [ 1970/02/26]

Articles: Showing

Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization in Distributed Systems ( Parameswaran Ramanathan, Kang G. Shin, Ricky W. Butler ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1990-010)

- Existing fault-tolerant clock synchronization algorithms are compared and contrasted. These include the following: software synchronization algorithms, such as convergence-averaging, convergence-nonaveraging, and consistency algorithms, as well as probabilistic synchronization; hardware synchronization algorithms; and hybrid synchronization. The worst-case clock skews guaranteed by representative algorithms are compared, along with other important aspects such as time, message, and cost overhead imposed by the algorithms. More recent developments such as hardware-assisted software synchronization and algorithms for synchronizing large, partially connected distributed systems are especially emphasized.

Questions and Answers: Showing

Network Time Syncronization via GPS? [2002/02/15]

At Ask Slashdot

How can I keep my LAN-attached system time automatically synchronised? [ 2000/02/01]

At DaemonNews

Applications and Utilities: Showing

NetTime - NetTime is a simple, free time synchronization client for Win32, providing a client and server for SNTP and RFC868. Its main claim to fame is that it is small, simple and unobtrusive. {BSD-like}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

XNTP - Network Time Synchronization {freely distributable}

xntp3-5.93e.tgz - Network Time Protocol implementation (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
(Info at freshmeat)

nist - Update system time from NIST time server {GPL}

xntp3-5.93e-export.tgz - Network Time Protocol implementation

At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/m68k/xntp3-5.93e-export.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages m68k)
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/sparc/xntp3-5.93e-export.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)

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