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Information and Publications: Showing

MID - General MIDI Level 1 Spec.

MID - Standard MIDI File Format

MID - MIDI Sample Dump Standard

MID - MIDI 1.0 Specification

MID - The USENET MIDI Primer (note .KAR files are standard MIDI files)

MID - Standard MIDI Files 0.06

Books: Showing

Maximum MIDI : Music Applications In C++
[Meggitt, Ashley J. and Ritchey, Timothy D. ; Manning Publications Co. ] ISBN 1884777449
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Questions and Answers: Showing

What Is The State Of MIDI Support Under Linux? [ 2000/03/11]

At Ask Slashdot

Importing Audio from MIDI Under Linux? [ 1999/09/04]

At Ask Slashdot

Applications and Utilities: Showing

midimountain-0.3.0 - MIDI sequencer

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-tcltk-2.11.3 - Tcl/Tk interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

ja-timidity++-tcltk-2.11.3 - Tcl/Tk interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

ja-timidity++-tcltk-2.10.4 - Tcl/Tk interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

ja-timidity++-slang-2.11.3 - Slang interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-emacs-2.11.3 - Emacs interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-gtk-2.11.3 - Gtk interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-motif-2.11.3 - Motif interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-slang-2.11.3 - Slang interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-xskin-2.11.3 - X11AMP skin interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

spiralsynth-0.1.7 - MIDI-capable synthesizer for X

At FreeBSD Ports

tclmidi-3.1 - A language designed for creating and editing standard MIDI files

At FreeBSD Ports

ump-1.10_1 - Unix MIDI Plugin based on TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

timidity++-xaw-2.11.3 - Xaw interface for TiMidity++

At FreeBSD Ports

playmidi-2.4 - MIDI player

At FreeBSD Ports

TiMidity++ - Experimental MIDI to WAVE converter {x,GPL}

timidity++-2.11.3 - Software MIDI player (At FreeBSD Ports)
timidity-0.2i - MIDI to WAV renderer and player (At FreeBSD Ports)
timidity-2.10.2 - MIDI to WAV renderer and player (At NetBSD packages collection)
(Info at freshmeat)

KMid - Midi/Karaoke player with many features {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

Libraries and Components: Showing

ruby-smf-0.11.5 - Ruby module to handle Standard MIDI Files

At FreeBSD Ports

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(Metalab at UNC) /pub/linux/apps/sound/midi/ - various programs for music (not just sound)

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