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perlbook - Perl book information


perlbook - Perl book information


You can order Perl books from O'Reilly & Associates, 1-800-998-9938. Local/overseas is +1 707 829 0515. If you can locate an O'Reilly order form, you can also fax to +1 707 829 0104. If you're web-connected, you can even mosey on over to http://www.ora.com/ for an online order form.

Programming Perl, Second Edition is a reference work that covers nearly all of Perl, while Learning Perl, Second Edition is a tutorial that covers the most frequently used subset of the language. You might also check out the very handy, inexpensive, and compact Perl 5 Desktop Reference, especially when the thought of lugging the 676-page Camel around doesn't make much sense. Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffrey Friedl, is a reference work that covers the art and implementation of regular expressions in various languages including Perl.

    Programming Perl, Second Edition (the Camel Book):
        ISBN 1-56592-149-6      (English)

    Learning Perl, Second Edition (the Llama Book):
        ISBN 1-56592-284-0      (English)

    Perl 5 Desktop Reference (the reference card):
        ISBN 1-56592-187-9      (brief English)

    Mastering Regular Expressions (the Hip Owl Book):
        ISBN 1-56592-257-3      (English)

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