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Six new pragmatic modules exist:

use autouse MODULE => qw(sub1 sub2 sub3)
Defers require MODULE until someone calls one of the specified subroutines (which must be exported by MODULE). This pragma should be used with caution, and only when necessary.

use blib
use blib 'dir'
Looks for MakeMaker-like 'blib' directory structure starting in dir (or current directory) and working back up to five levels of parent directories.

Intended for use on command line with -M option as a way of testing arbitrary scripts against an uninstalled version of a package.

use constant NAME => VALUE
Provides a convenient interface for creating compile-time constants, See Constant Functions.

use locale
Tells the compiler to enable (or disable) the use of POSIX locales for builtin operations.

When use locale is in effect, the current LC_CTYPE locale is used for regular expressions and case mapping; LC_COLLATE for string ordering; and LC_NUMERIC for numeric formating in printf and sprintf (but not in print). LC_NUMERIC is always used in write, since lexical scoping of formats is problematic at best.

Each use locale or no locale affects statements to the end of the enclosing BLOCK or, if not inside a BLOCK, to the end of the current file. Locales can be switched and queried with POSIX::setlocale().

See the perllocale manpage for more information.

use ops
Disable unsafe opcodes, or any named opcodes, when compiling Perl code.

use vmsish
Enable VMS-specific language features. Currently, there are three VMS-specific features available: 'status', which makes $? and system return genuine VMS status values instead of emulating POSIX; 'exit', which makes exit take a genuine VMS status value instead of assuming that exit 1 is an error; and 'time', which makes all times relative to the local time zone, in the VMS tradition.

Source: what's new for perl5.004
Copyright: Larry Wall, et al.
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