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- - Software correctness and reliability
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Books: Showing

Quality Software Project Management
[Robert T. Futrell, et al; 2001-12-15] ISBN 0130912972
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The ASQ ISO 9000:2000 Handbook
[Charles A. Cianfrani (Editor), et al; 2001-12] ISBN 0873895223
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Software Reliability Methods (Texts in Computer Science)
[Doron Peled; 2001-05-15] ISBN 0387951067
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

QS-9000 Requirements, 118 Requirements Checklist and Compliance Guide (AQA QS-9000 Series)
[Jack Kanholm; 1998-10] ISBN 1882711092
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Auditing Information Systems : A Comprehensive Reference Guide
[Jack J. Champlain; 1998-10] ISBN 0471168904
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Software Reliability Engineered Testing
[John D. Musa; 1998-07-30] ISBN 0079132715
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Customer Oriented Software Quality Assurance
[Frank P. Ginac; 1997-12] ISBN 0135714648
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Quality Software Management : Anticipating Change (Vol 4)
[Gerald M. Weinberg; 1997-05] ISBN 0932633323
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Software Quality : A Framework for Success in Software Development and Support
[Joc Sanders, Eugene Curran (Contributor); 1994-07] ISBN 0201631989
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Software Inspection
[Tom Gilb, et al; 1993-12] ISBN 0201631814
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Articles: Showing

Body of Knowledge for Software Quality Measurement ( Norman F. Schneidewind ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2002-02)

- Measuring quality is the key to developing high-quality software.The author describes two approaches that help to identify the bodyof knowledge software engineers need to achieve this goal. The first approachderives knowledge requirements from a preters also support several popular instruction sets, including Alpha, PPC, x86, and ARM.

Guest Editor's Introduction: Software Fault Tolerance-Making Software Behave ( Jeffrey Voas ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-07)

Achieving Fault-Tolerant Software with Rejuvenation and Reconfiguration ( William Yurcik, David Doss ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-07)

- The authors present two complementary ways to deal with soft-ware aging. Their approach pro-actively reinitializes software to a known operating state, before failure occurs, or reactively reconfigures soft-ware after a failure such that service remains operational.

Using Simplicity to Control Complexity ( Lui Sha ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-07)

- Improving the reliability and availability of increasingly complex software is a serious challenge, especially in efforts to protect society's critical functions. Is it true that building diverse, redundant systems provides robustness? This article investigates the relationship between software complexity, reliability, and development resources. It also presents a forward-recovery approach based on the idea of using simplicity to control complexity as a way to improve the robustness of complex software systems.

Fault Tolerance ( Jeffrey Voas ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-07)

Focus on Software Reliability Engineering ( Melody M. Moore ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-05)

Using Group Support Systems for Software Inspections ( Michiel van Genuchten, Cor van Dijk, Henk Scholten, Doug Vogel ; IEEE Software Magazine 2001-05)

- Inspections supported by a group support system can help software professionals detect software defects effectively and efficiently.

Software Defect Reduction Top 10 List ( Barry Boehm, Victor R. Basili ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-01)

- Software's complexity and accelerated development schedules make avoiding defects difficult. These 10 techniques can help reduce the flaws in your code.

The Evolution of Quality Processes at Tata Consultancy Services ( Gargi Keeni ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-07)

- This article describes how the quality processes have evolved at Tata Consultancy Services and how the framework of ISO 9000 and then the Software Capability Maturity Model have catalyzed the evolution.

A New Generation of Software Quality Conferences ( Jeffrey Voas ; IEEE Software Magazine 2000-01)

Every Little Bit Counts: Toward More Reliable Software ( Bertrand Meyer ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-11)

Software Quality's Eight Greatest Myths ( Jeffrey Voas ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-09)

Third-Party Testing and the Quality of Software Components ( William T. Councill ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-07)

A Method for Software Quality Planning, Control, and Evaluation ( Jørgen Bøegh, Stefano Depanfilis, Barbara Kitchenham, Alberto Pasquini ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-03)

- Squid is a method and a tool for quality assurance and control that allows a software development organization to plan and control product quality during development. The Telescience software development team used it to build a remote monitoring and control system based in Antarctica.

How to Design Practical Test Cases ( Tsuneo Yamaura ; IEEE Software Magazine 1998-11)

- Programmers can build high-quality tests by following certain basic steps, outlined here. The author also discusses the cost, time, and personnel resources required for debugging and testing.

Evaluating Software Development Objectively ( Kathryn A. Bassin, Theresa Kratschmer, P. Santhanam ; IEEE Software Magazine 1998-11)

- Capture and use of semantic information on software defects as a diagnostic probe can help improve both product and process quality. Three case studies illustrate this method's value for software management and technical decision support.

Testing Component-Based Software: A Cautionary Tale ( Elaine J. Weyuker ; IEEE Software Magazine 1998-09)

- We need new ways to validate software components, specifically those deployed in diverse software environments. We must also consider the likelihood of realizing anticipated savings and whether component-based systems can meet reliability and availability requirements.

Is Software Quality Visible in the Code? ( Søren Lauesen, Houman Younessi ; IEEE Software Magazine 1998-07)

- The authors rebut the assertion that code analysis can detect all meaningful defects. In a study of actual defect reports they found that 45 percent of defects could not be detected when relying on code analysis alone.

Using Process History to Predict Software Quality ( Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Edward B. Allen, Robert Halstead, Gary P. Trio, Ronald M. Flass ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1998-04)

- Many software quality models use only software product metrics to predict module reliability. For evolving systems, however, software process measures are also important. In this case study, the authors use module history data to predict module reliability in a subsystem of JStars, a real-time military system.

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Questions and Answers: Showing

First, Do No Harm - A Hippocratic Oath for Coders? [2002/05/06]

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Code Reviews- Do They Really Exist, In Practice? [2001/07/02]

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Open Source Code Reviews? [2001/04/14]

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Applications and Utilities: Showing

splint- - A tool for statically checking sourcecode for security vulnerabilities

At FreeBSD Ports

CodeWarrior Pro 7

Codewarrior Professional 4.0 for Solaris

Codewarrior Professional NetWare 2.0

CodeWarrior Pro 6.0

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