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3D graphics

Graphic output of 3D data, modelling, ray tracing, scene rendering, et al
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Information and Publications: Showing

FLT - OpenFlight Scene description Database Files v14.2.4 (Acrobat)

NFF - Extensions of the Neutral File Format (RTF)

IMAGINE - Designing Texture Modules for Imagine

VRML - VRML2 Reference

VRML specifications

RenderMan 3.1 specification (RENDERMAN )

OBJ - Source code to read wavefront (alias/maya) .OBJ files

Materials and Geometry 3D rendering format (MGF )

LIGHTWAVE - Lightwave 3D object file format (HTML)

POL - InnovMetric Binary File Format (Acrobat)

OFF - 3D Object File Format

NFF - Neutral File Format

3DS - The Unofficial 3DStudio 3DS File Format v1.0 (RTF)

3DS - 3D Studio File Format Information and Splines & Quaternions

Planetary Data System Format (PDS )

OpenGL Web site (OPENGL )

OBJ - Wavefront Object files (Acrobat)

VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language

3DS - 3D Studio File Format v0.93 (RTF)

Manchester Scene Description Language (MSDL )

CINEMA 4D - Cinema 4D v4.x file format - Amiga version only (Acrobat)

LIGHTWAVE - Lightwave 3D layered object file format (RTF)

POV - Persistance of Vision Ray Tracer v3.0

LIGHTWAVE - Lightwave 3D object file format (RTF)

3DX - 3DX File Format

RPI - A flexible file format for solid free form fabrication (Acrobat)

INFINI-D - Infini-D 3.0 Format

3D2 - Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Communication Pipeline Specification (.3D, .3D2, .3D4) (RTF)

XITE 3D format (BIFF )

3DMF - 3D metafile Format (Acrobat)

NFF - WorldToolKit Neutral File Format v2.1 incl. BFF (RTF)

IMAGINE - Imagine 3.0 Object & Texture File Formats (RTF)

FAQ: 3-D Information for the Programmer

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/3d-programmer-info (At MIT)

PC 3D Graphics Accelerators FAQ (Part 1 of 2)

At faqs.org Part 2 
At MIT Part 1  Part 2 

OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [2/3]

OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [3/3] (At MIT)
OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [3/3] (At faqs.org)
ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/graphics/opengl-faq/part2 (At MIT)
OpenGL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [1/3] (At MIT)

comp.graphics.rendering.raytracing FAQ (part 2/2)

At faqs.org part 2/2) 
At MIT part 1/2) 

RenderMan FAQ - monthly posting

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/graphics/renderman-faq (At MIT)

sci.virtual-worlds Glove FAQ

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/virtual-worlds/glove-faq (At MIT)

sci.virtual-worlds Introduction FAQ

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/virtual-worlds/readfirst-faq (At MIT)

sci.virtual-worlds Reference FAQ

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/virtual-worlds/reference-faq (At MIT)

sci.virtual-worlds Visual Displays FAQ

ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/virtual-worlds/visual-faq (At MIT)

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Books: Showing

Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio Interface Design
[Epic Software (Editor), Epic Software; 2002-04-05] ISBN 0735712182
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition)
[Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross; 2002-04] ISBN 0471200247
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

LightWave 3D 7.0 Character Animation (With CD-ROM)
[Timothy Albee, Tom Roth; 2002-03] ISBN 1556229011
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Maya 4 Fundamentals
[Jim Lammers, Lee Gooding; 2002-02-19] ISBN 0735711895
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Director(R) 8.5 Shockwave(R) Studio: The Complete Reference
[David Mennenoh; 2002-01-18] ISBN 007219409X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Maya Visual QuickStart Guide
[Danny Riddell, Andrew S. Britt; 2001-12-26] ISBN 0201771381
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor R5
[Randy H. Shih; 2001-12-15] ISBN 158503049X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Special Edition Using Macromedia Director 8.5 (With CD-ROM)
[Gary Rosenzweig; 2001-12-15] ISBN 078972667X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

INSIDE Rhinoceros
[Ron K. C. Cheng; 2001-12-15] ISBN 076685437X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Autodesk Inventor R5 Intermediate Level: Mastering the Rubicon
[Elise Moss; 2001-12-12] ISBN 1585030430
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Exploring Maya 4: 30 Studies in 3D
[Maximilian Schoenherr; 2001-11-15] ISBN 0201742160
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Autodesk Inventor R5 Fundamentals: Conquering the Rubicon
[Elise Moss; 2001-10] ISBN 1585030422
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Rendering With Mental Ray (Mental Ray Handbooks)
[Thomas Driemeyer; 2001-08] ISBN 3211836632
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping
[Henrik Wann Jensen; 2001-07-15] ISBN 1568811470
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

OpenGL 1.2: A Primer
[Edward Angel; 2001-06-19] ISBN 0201741865
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Object Modeling and User Interface Design: Designing Interactive Systems
[Mark Van Harmelen (Editor), Stephanie Wilson; 2001-04-13] ISBN 0201657899
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

The Official Blender 2.0 Guide
[Ton Roosendaal, et al; 2001-01-18] ISBN 0761535136
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Narrative As Virtual Reality : Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media (Parallax: Re-Visions of Culture and Society)
[Marie-Laure Ryan; 2000-12] ISBN 0801864879
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Virtual Realism
[Michael Heim; 2000-10] ISBN 0195138740
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

(Partial list shown.)
[Complete List of Books]

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Articles: Showing

3D Technology: Ready for the PC? ( Neal Leavitt ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-11)

The Future of 3D Video ( Mark Ollis, Todd Williamson ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-06)

- The latest developments in 3D video promise to advance the medium from a passive experience to a fully interactive one.

User Interfaces for Volumetric Displays ( Ravin Balakrishnan, George W. Fitzmaurice, Gordon Kurtenbach ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-03)

- Although still in the prototype stage, three-dimensional volumetric displays present unique interface challenges. The authors use physical mockups to explore solutions to interaction styles for 3D volumetric displays.

Innovative Computing Powers Theme Park Adventures ( Michael Macedonia ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-02)

- The tight integration of complex physical sets and 3D computer-generated imagery provides theme park customers with a wild ride.

Forging a New Simulation Technology at the ICT ( Richard Lindheim, William Swartout ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2001-01)

- At USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, computer scientists, US Army personnel, and entertainment professionals are developing the foundation for an experiential learning system.

3D Mapping of an Interactive Synthetic Environment ( Roy Ladner, Mahdi Abdelguerfi, Kevin Shaw ; IEEE Computer Magazine 2000-03)

Online 3D: Still Waiting After All These Years ( Neal Leavitt ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1999-07)

Using Immersive Virtual Environments for Certification ( Carolina Cruz-Neira, Robyn R. Lutz ; IEEE Software Magazine 1999-07)

- Designers, researchers, and developers are already using virtual environments in many ways and in many domains. The technology has matured enough that VEs are beginning to be used to certify the systems they simulate.

Architectural Design of a Common Operating Environment ( Shawn Butler, David Diskin, Norman Howes, Kathleen Jordan ; IEEE Software Magazine 1996-11)

- The architecture for the Global Command and Control System's new common operating environment will comprise several modern architectural concepts currently used in complex, distributed systems. We plan to reduce the environment's complexity by using architectural components supported by existing commercial products and standards.

3D User Interfaces for General-Purpose 3D Animation ( Jean-Francis Balaguer, Enrico Gobbetti ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1996-08)

- Virtual Studio provides nonprofessional animators with inexpensive and easy-to-use 3D animation systems that have the functionality of complex and costly professional platforms.

Virtual Reality and Parallel Systems Performance Analysis ( Daniel A. Reed, Keith A. Shields, Will H. Scullin, Luis F. Tavera, Christopher L. Elford ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-11)

- A data-immersive virtual world enables exploration of complex, parallel-system performance data and supports real-time adaptive control of parallel-system behavior. It has been operational for about two years.

Virtual Environments for Treating the Fear of Heights ( Larry F. Hodges, Rob Kooper, Thomas C. Meyer, Barbara O. Rothbaum, Dan Opdyke, Johannes J. de Graaff, James S. Williford, Max M. North ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-07)

- Can virtual environments help elicit fearful feelings so they can be treated? Thisarticle shows how therapists and computer experts used them to do just that.

The Iowa Driving Simulator: An Immersive Research Environment ( Jon Kuhl, Douglas Evans, Yiannis Papelis, Richard Romano, Ginger Watson ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-07)

- This simulator’s rich, fully interactive environment provides varied scenarios formeeting experimental needs—for example, engineering evaluation of automatedhighway systems.

A Large-Scale Complex Virtual Environment for Team Training ( Thomas W. Mastaglio, Robert Callahan ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-07)

- Virtual environments that allow multiple participants to cooperatively interactpresent complex design problems. This Army program’s approach reliessuccessfully on concurrent engineering, spiral development, and usabilityengineering.

Automating the Construction of Large-Scale Virtual Worlds ( Michael F. Polis, Stephen J. Gifford, David M. McKeown Jr. ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-07)

- Databases for large-scale virtual worlds have several critical applications.Automating their construction can improve fidelity and save considerable time.

Applications driveVR interface selection ( Mark T. Bolas, Ian McDowall, Russell Mead ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-07)

International Survey: Virtual-Environment Research ( Duane K. Boman ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1995-06)

- Research on virtual-environment technologies is just beginning to change the ways we use computers. Continued research will lead to applications that affect both our work and leisure.

Volume models for volumetric data ( Vishwa Ranjan, Alain Fournier ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1994-07)

- Given a set of points on the boundary of an object derived from volumetric data, how can one represent the object and, in particular visualize it from these points? This problem is addressed by our research on the representation of points at the boundary of an object as a union of simple boundary primitives. We use volumetric data in the customary sense, but an additional feature for our purpose is the availability of an inside-outside test for any point within the volume. Our problem is, therefore, a restricted form of the general problem of visualizing an arbitrary cloud of points. Representing and visualizing can be vague concepts. As an intuitive example of the kind of representation we are looking for, assume we have data somehow representing a human head. In the first approximation, the head can be represented by a sphere. The surface area and the volume of the sphere give us rough, but useful, estimates of the corresponding properties for the head. At the same time, the position and radius of the sphere give us an idea of the translation and scaling to apply to get the head in some canonical position. If, instead, we fit an ellipsoid, the additional degrees of freedom might let us obtain the parameters of the rotations to apply. Of course, we cannot independently obtain estimates for the scaling, volume, or area. The obtainable estimates depend on the context. Whereas human perception deals very well with these ambiguities, computer visualization tends to fall short. The new representation of volumetric data based on union of spheres shows promise in achieving stability.

Displaying 3D Images: Algorithms for Single-Image Random-Dot Stereograms ( Harold W. Thimbleby, Stuart Inglis, Ian H. Witten ; IEEE Computer Magazine 1994-010)

- A new, simple, and symmetric algorithm can be implemented that results in higher levels of detail in solid objects than previously possible with autostereograms. In a stereoscope, an optical instrument similar to binoculars, each eye views a different picture and thereby receives the specific image that would have arisen naturally. An early suggestion for a color stereo computer display involved a rotating filter wheel held in front of the eyes. In contrast, this article describes a method for viewing on paper or on an ordinary computer screen without special equipment, although it is limited to the display of 3D monochromatic objects. (The image can be colored, say, for artistic reasons, but the method we describe does not allow colors to be allocated in a way that corresponds to an arbitrary coloring of the solid object depicted.) The image can easily be constructed by computer from any 3D scene or solid object description.

(Partial list shown.)
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Questions and Answers: Showing

Using 3D Game Engines in Architecture? [2001/11/13]

At Ask Slashdot

Is Virtual Reality Dead? [2001/11/06]

At Ask Slashdot

What is Happening with OpenGL? [2001/08/18]

At Ask Slashdot

Decent Off-The-Shelf 3D Movement Controllers? [2001/06/05]

At Ask Slashdot

3D Formats from Commercial Software vs. VRML & Java3D? [2001/05/10]

At Ask Slashdot

Creating a "Virtual Tour" on the Web? [2001/05/02]

At Ask Slashdot

Crime Scene Animations For Use w/ Forensics? [2001/04/03]

At Ask Slashdot

Visually Representing Internet Data? [2001/04/01]

At Ask Slashdot

SGI Versus "Open*" and All Things "GL"? [2001/03/29]

At Ask Slashdot

Render 3-D Wireframe to Postscript? [2001/03/24]

At Ask Slashdot

OpenGL vs. Direct3D? [ 2000/08/13]

At Ask Slashdot

What Happened To Moonlight 3D? [ 2000/05/01]

At Ask Slashdot

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Applications and Utilities: Showing

PyOpenGL - PyOpenGL is the binding layer between Python and OpenGL. {oss}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Inventor - LGPL Open Inventor (tm) C++ API using OpenGL from original SGI source. Inventor is the standard API for developers of Windows, Linux, and other Unix 3D applications. Current version only works on Irix and Linux. Port in progress to other platforms. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

3DML Project - The goal of the 3DML project is to extend 3DML, an XML based markup format for 3D Web content that is as easy to use as HTML. 3DML uses building block metaphor to simplify authoring.

At Sourceforge ( Mature)

bmp2map - .BMP to Quake .MAP - A conversion utilility for quickly turning 2D .BMPs into 3D Quake .MAPs. Takes a .BMP, uses the pixel palette indices to figure out where to put doors, walls, windows, entities and more, then it slaps a floor and ceiling on it and writes it to a .MAP. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

LDLite - An open source 3D zbuffer graphics viewer, optimized for for plastic building brick instruction sheets. See also www.gyugyi.com/l3g0/ldlite {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

VASP Data Viewer - A 3D viewer for molecular charge distributions. Implemented in OpenGL with GLUT. Includes a small OpenGL windowing library/widget set. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

OpenRM Scene Graph - 2D/3D Scene Graph rendering engine for Linux/Unix/Win32 layered atop OpenGL. Supports stereoscopy, volume rendering, 2D/3D texture mapping, picking, LOD and view-dependent operations, text, and image-based data. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

Mesa3D - A free implementation of the OpenGL API. {BSD-like}

At Sourceforge ( Mature)

Panorama - is a framework for 3D graphics production. {GPL,GNU}

At GNU project

Maverik - is a virtual reality micro kernel. {GPL,GNU}

At GNU project

maverik-6.2 - A publicly available virtual reality (VR) system

At FreeBSD Ports

white_dune-0.19b31 - Graphical VRML97 Editor and animation tool

At FreeBSD Ports

vterrain-apps-010829 - Virtual Terrain Project Applications

At FreeBSD Ports

cave-0.3 - Character Animation Viewer for Everyone

At FreeBSD Ports

crystal-0.92_1 - A 3d/2d development API

At FreeBSD Ports

mingw-opengl-headers-20011229 - OpenGL headers from Microsoft(TM) for Windows development with Mingw

At FreeBSD Ports

newvox-1.0 - Voxel-style landscape rendering fly-by

At FreeBSD Ports

qglviewer-1.3 - Use OpenGL to play around with three dimensional scenes

At FreeBSD Ports

drm-kmod-0.9.5_1 - A FreeBSD kernel modules for 3d acceleration with the DRI

At FreeBSD Ports

gsculpt-0.3 - An Opensource 3D modelling application

At FreeBSD Ports

truevision-0.3.10 - The GNOME 3D modeler

At FreeBSD Ports

landscape-0.5.1_1 - A program for generating and rendering landscapes

At FreeBSD Ports

kisomandel-0.66 - A fractal rendering program with nice 3d-display in realtime

At FreeBSD Ports

openvrml-0.10.1 - VRML97 runtime and browser ("lookat")

At FreeBSD Ports

gltk-1.1 - An OpenGL/Tk interface

At FreeBSD Ports

gtkglarea-1.2.2 - An OpenGL widget for the GTK+ GUI toolkit

At FreeBSD Ports
gtkglarea-1.2.2.tgz - OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
gtkglarea-1.2.2.tgz - OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages sparc)
gtkglarea-1.2.2.tgz - OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)
OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit (At NetBSD packages collection)

glclock-5.0_1 - OpenGL Spinning pocketwatch demo and benchmark utility

At FreeBSD Ports
glclock-6.0b6.0 - OpenGL-based pocket watch (At NetBSD packages collection)

linux-bmrt-2.6beta - A collection of rendering programs that use the RenderMan interface

At FreeBSD Ports

molden-3.7 - Display molecular orbitals and electron densities in 2D and 3D

At FreeBSD Ports

morpheus-0.3 - A mesh (3D model) viewer for GNOME desktop

At FreeBSD Ports

opengl-man-657 - Section 3 manpages for OpenGL: gl, glx, glu, gle, glut

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-GD-Graph3d-0.55 - Creates 3D charts with GD::Graph and GD

At FreeBSD Ports
p5-GD-Graph3d-0.54.tgz - module for 3D graph plotting (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386)
p5-GD-Graph3d-0.54.tgz - module for 3D graph plotting (At OpenBSD 2.8_packages sparc)

pvmpov-3.1e.2 - Distributed rendering package for Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer

At FreeBSD Ports

togl-1.5 - A Tk OpenGL widget

At FreeBSD Ports

mtvraytrace - A ray-tracing package {oss}

At comp.sources.unix at UUNET

Freedom VR - Java applet replacement for Quicktime VR for 3-d objects and panoramas {GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

vhclmaps - 2d/3d map viewer clients and vehicle simulation server. {BSD-like}

At Sourceforge (])

Quat - Generation of 3d fractal images (Julia Sets using Quaternions) {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

Sced - modelling program that makes use of geometric constraints {x,GPL}

sced-1.03 - SCene EDitor for povray/renderman/genray/etc (At FreeBSD Ports)
(Info at freshmeat)

MindsEye - 3D modelling program for Linux {x,GPL}

3dom - A general purpose 3d object modeler. {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

mg^2 - 3D modeller for X11 using Gtk, Glib, Imlib, Gtk glarea, andMesa/OpenGL {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

MagicLight - A 3D modeler and renderer for Linux and Windows {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

Superficie - A program for basic 3D surfaces viewing and manipulation. {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

k3de - 3Deditor for the KDE which generates sources for POVray {x,GPL}

(Info at freshmeat)

3D Home Design Suite Deluxe 4.0

3D Home Design Kit

CAD 3D / Landscape Design 3D (Jewel Case)

Home Design 3D / Landscape Design 3D (Jewel Case)

Bryce 5.0

Train Simulator

3D Home Architect Deluxe 4.0

Poser 4.0.3

Poser Pro Pack

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional

Total 3D Home Deluxe 3.0

Amorphium Pro 1.1

Corel Bryce 5.0 Upgrade

LightWave 3D 7 USB Upgrade from 6

LightWave.3D 7.0 Full USB with CD/Manual/Dongle

Cool 3D 3.0

Eias 2.9/Modeler Upgrade to Universe 3.0 MAC 9.0+

Universe 3.0 Upgrade from EIAS 2.8/2.9 or Older

LightWave 3D 6.5 Upgrade from 4.0

Motion Pack for Intel Plug In for Lightwave 5.0/5.5

Adobe Dimension 3.0 Upgrade

Corel KPT Vector Effects 1.5

Strata 3D Plus 3.5

Strata 3D Pro

Strata 3D Plus 3.5 Upgrade

Universe 4.0

Blender - Extremely fast and versatile 3D Rendering Package {x,Freeware}

blender-2.20 - Fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation/gaming package (At FreeBSD Ports)
blender-2.11.nb2 - GUI based raytracer (At NetBSD packages collection)
(Info at freshmeat)

Panard Vision Realtime 3D Engine {x,free to use but restricted}

(Info at freshmeat)

Megahedron - Multifaceted Rendering, Animation, Simulation, and Virtual Reality Software {x,commercial}

(Info at freshmeat)

Enter3D Project - Large-scale multiuser persistent real-time 3D world [X] {GPL}

geomview-1.6.1 - an interactive viewer for 3- and 4-D geometric objects

At FreeBSD Ports
geomview-1.8.1 - Interactive geometry viewing program (At NetBSD packages collection)
Geomview - 3D Geometric Visualization Software
Geomview - interactive 3D viewer (At Sourceforge)

3dPM - Modeller for Povray 3 [X] {GPL}

Mops - 3D modeling environment written in C with Tcl/Tk. [X] {GPL}

LightWave 3D 6.X Upgrade to 7.0 Mac USB with CD/Manual

LightWave 3D 7 USB Upgrade from 4.X/5.X

Applications and Utilities

Others not displayed here
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Libraries and Components: Showing

Glide for 3dfx hardware - Glide is a library for using 3dfx hardware. This project will be the public repository for Glide.

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

DemoGL Utility Library - C/C++ library with functions and datastructures which come in handy with 3D programming. F.e. it contains a 3Dstudio MAX' ASE importer/compiler, vectormath functions etc. It's developed as an add-on library for DemoGL, but can be used by any other prog {BSD-like}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

The GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library - GLE is a library of C functions that draw extruded surfaces, including surfaces of revolution, sweeps, tubes, polycones, polycylinders and helicoids. GLE uses the OpenGL(R) API to perform the actual rendering. {oss}

At Sourceforge ( Mature)

The GLOW Toolkit - The GLOW Toolkit is a cross-platform user interface framework for building interactive applications using OpenGL or similar APIs. It provides an object-oriented API and an extensible library of cross-platform widgets. {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Production/Stable)

OpenPTC - OpenPTC is a portable frame-buffer library for computer graphics programmers (C/C++/Java) {(L)GPL}

At Sourceforge ( Mature)

cybervrml97-1.0.6 - A development library of VRML97/2.0 applications

At FreeBSD Ports

glui-2.1 - GLUT-based C++ user interface library

At FreeBSD Ports

glass-1.1.2 - GLASS (openGL Articulated Structure System) is a 3D library

At FreeBSD Ports

ray++-0.4 - A collection of C++ classes needed for ray tracing

At FreeBSD Ports

linux_dri-4.1.0 - Binary Linux DRI libraries for 3D hardware acceleration of linux apps

At FreeBSD Ports

ruby-math3d-0.02 - A Ruby library for mathematics for 3D graphics

At FreeBSD Ports

Glide3-64Bit-20010331 - 3dfx 3d graphics library

At FreeBSD Ports

gle-3.0.3 - A GL Tubing and Extrusion Library

At FreeBSD Ports
GL subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions (At NetBSD packages collection)

lib3ds-1.2.0 - A library for handling 3DS (3D Studio) files

At FreeBSD Ports

libmorph-0.1.2 - A library for loading (and saving) 3d models (3d modeller object files)

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-GtkGLArea-0.7004 - The OpenGL widget module of Gtk-Perl

At FreeBSD Ports

py-opengl-1.5.7 - An OpenGL (and related library) interface for Python

At FreeBSD Ports

QDraw-0.7 - Library for hardware accelerated 3D graphics

At FreeBSD Ports

sdl_image-1.2.2 - A simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces

At FreeBSD Ports

threeDS-0.3.1 - A Python module and viewer for loading and displaying models in 3DS format

At FreeBSD Ports

view3ds-1.0.0 - A simple realtime 3DS file previewer based on the Lib3ds Library

At FreeBSD Ports

libaux-1.0 - A Nano Window Toolkit and Auxiliary Library for OpenGL

At FreeBSD Ports

gl_plot - GL Graphics Library for AT-clone Unix {oss}

At comp.sources.unix at UUNET

gleem - , gleem: OpenGL Extremely Easy-to-use Manipulators is a small, self-contained C++ library of 3D Widgets that support direct user interaction with a 3D scene. {GPL,GNU}

At GNU project

Libraries and Functions

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Numeric Data Visualization - Numeric Data Visualization. Graphing equations and other data.

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(Metalab at UNC) /pub/linux/apps/graphics/modeling/ - 3D modeling tools

(Metalab at UNC) /pub/linux/apps/graphics/modeling/irit/ - freeware solid modeler

(Metalab at UNC) /pub/linux/apps/graphics/rays/ - ray-tracing programs

(Metalab at UNC) /pub/linux/apps/graphics/rays/pov/ - point of view raytracer and utilities

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