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User Interface
Text-based, GUI, Audio, Video, Keyboards, Mouse, Images,...

Text Strings
Conversions, tests, processing, manipulation,...

Integer, Floating point, Matrix, Statistics, Boolean, ...

Algorithms, Memory, Process control, Debugging, ...

Stored Data
Data storage, Integrity, Encryption, Compression, ...

Networks, protocols, Interprocess, Remote, Client Server, ...

Hard World
Timing, Calendar and Clock, Audio, Video, Printer, Controls...

File System
Management, Filtering, File & Directory access, Viewers, ...

Subject Divisions (default selections)
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Host, service name, and address operations - including DNS, whois.

Protocols - Links to pages by protocol (NNTP, HTTP, etc.)

Person to Person Communications - user to user messages and communication (chat, talk, wall, bbs)

Electronic Mail - broad overview of electronic mail software, protocols, et al.

File Transfer and Distribution - Protocols and Methods of transfering files and directories, distributing and installing software. (file collections and archives, FTP, cvsup, NFS, et al.)

Image Transmission - Image transmission, facsimile, fax, et al.

Local Process Communication - Communication between processes running on the same system. Synchronization. File locking. Signals. FIFOs, pipes, et al

Communication Debugging - Status, tracing, and debugging communications and protocols.

Identity Authentication - (including passwords, radius, identd, crypto methods, et al.)

The Internet - The Internet. History. Specification. Overviews. Writing RFCs. Historic RFCs Historic and outdated RFCs. Summaries of the progress

Terminal I/O - TTY (character based display and keyboard) and related routines.

Serial I/O - Serial port use.

Remote Process Communication - Methods of communicating to remote processes. Remote Procedure Calls, sockets, data format translation, et al

Communication Implementation - (low level implementation, multicast, ppp, slip, wrappers,firewalls, et al)

#Overviews and other related subjects# - related, but not under or including this subject directly.

Books: Showing

Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms
[Shipley, Chris and FiSH, Matthew ; O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. ] ISBN 1565921585
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Questions and Answers: Showing

The Slashdot Broadcasting Network? [ 1999/10/01]

At Ask Slashdot

Microwave/High Frequency Private Broadcasting? [ 1999/08/21]

At Ask Slashdot

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See also User Interface - Gateway topic to presentation (like printing and graphics) and user interface routines. Textual User Interfaces Curses et al.

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