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The Internet. History. Specification. Overviews. Writing RFCs. Historic RFCs Historic and outdated RFCs. Summaries of the progress
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Historic RFCs - Historic and outdated RFCs. Summaries of the progress and history of the network, et al.

Humorous RFCs - Internet RFCs issued for their humorous value.

#Overviews and other related subjects# - related, but not under or including this subject directly.

Information and Publications: Showing

RFC1297 NOC Internal Integrated Trouble Ticket System Functional Specification Wishlist ("NOC TT REQUIREMENTS"). [c. 1992/01/01]

RFC1299 Summary of 1200-1299. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1099 Request for Comments Summary: RFC Numbers 1000-1099. [c. 1991/12/01]

RFC2234 Augmented BNF for Syntax Specifications: ABNF. [c. 1997/11/01]

RFC2199 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2100-2199. [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC2135 Internet Society By-Laws. [c. 1997/04/01]

RFC2134 Articles of Incorporation of Internet Society. [c. 1997/04/01]

RFC1594 FYI on Questions and Answers - Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions. [c. 1994/03/01]

RFC2119 Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels. [c. 1997/03/01]

RFC2099 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2000-2099. [c. 1997/03/01]

RFC2031 IETF-ISOC relationship. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC1359 Connecting to the Internet - What Connecting Institutions Should Anticipate. [c. 1992/08/01]

RFC1983 Internet Users' Glossary. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC1432 Recent Internet Books. [c. 1993/03/01]

RFC1462 FYI on "What is the Internet?". [c. 1993/05/01]

RFC1463 FYI on Introducing the Internet-- A Short Bibliography of Introductory Internetworking Readings. [c. 1993/05/01]

RFC1718 The Tao of IETF - A Guide for New Attendees of the Internet Engineering Task Force. [c. 1994/11/01]

RFC1580 Guide to Network Resource Tools. [c. 1994/03/01]

RFC1633 Integrated Services in the Internet Architecture: an Overview. [c. 1994/06/01]

RFC1689 A Status Report on Networked Information Retrieval: Tools and Groups. [c. 1994/08/01]

RFC1709 K-12 Internetworking Guidelines. [c. 1994/11/01]

RFC2151 A Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools and Utilities. [c. 1997/06/01]

RFC1775 To Be "On" the Internet. [c. 1995/03/01]

RFC1855 Netiquette Guidelines. [c. 1995/10/01]

RFC1935 What is the Internet, Anyway?. [c. 1996/04/01]

RFC1941 Frequently Asked Questions for Schools. [c. 1996/05/01]

RFC1958 Architectural Principles of the Internet. [c. 1996/06/01]

RFC2007 Catalogue of Network Training Materials. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2057 Source Directed Access Control on the Internet. [c. 1996/11/01]

RFC2071 Network Renumbering Overview: Why would I want it and what is it anyway?. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC2150 Humanities and Arts: Sharing Center Stage on the Internet. [c. 1997/10/01]

RFC2235 Hobbes' Internet Timeline. [c. 1997/11/01]

RFC2398 Some Testing Tools for TCP Implementors. [c. 1998/08/01]

RFC2028 The Organizations Involved in the IETF Standards Process. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC2282 IAB and IESG Selection, Confirmation, and Recall Process: Operation of the Nominating and Recall Committees. [c. 1998/02/01]

RFC2014 IRTF Research Group Guidelines and Procedures. [c. 1996/10/01]


RFC1999 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1900-1999. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1746 Ways to Define User Expectations. [c. 1994/12/01]

RFC1988 Conditional Grant of Rights to Specific Hewlett-Packard Patents In Conjunction With the Internet Engineering Task Force's Internet-Standard Network Management Framework. [c. 1996/08/01]

RFC1899 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1800-1899. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1871 Addendum to RFC 1602 -- Variance Procedure. [c. 1995/11/01]

RFC1862 Report of the IAB Workshop on Internet Information Infrastructure, October 12-14, 1994. [c. 1995/11/01]

RFC1818 Best Current Practices. [c. 1995/08/01]

RFC1199 Request for Comments Summary Notes: 1100-1199. [c. 1991/12/01]

RFC1799 Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1700-1799. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1796 Not All RFCs are Standards. [c. 1995/04/01]

RFC2360 Guide for Internet Standards Writers. [c. 1998/06/01]

RFC1454 Comparison of Proposals for Next Version of IP. [c. 1993/05/01]

RFC1287 Towards the Future Internet Architecture. [c. 1991/12/01]

RFC1402 There's Gold in them thar Networks! or Searching for Treasure in all the Wrong Places. [c. 1993/01/01]

RFC1296 Internet Growth (1981-1991). [c. 1992/01/01]

RFC1527 What Should We Plan Given the Dilemma of the Network?. [c. 1993/09/01]

RFC1499 Summary of 1400-1499. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1699 Summary of 1600-1699. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC2026 The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3. [c. 1996/10/01]

RFC1311 Introduction to the STD Notes. [c. 1992/03/01]

RFC1336 Who's Who in the Internet: Biographies of IAB, IESG and IRSG Members. [c. 1992/05/01]

RFC1601 Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). [c. 1994/03/01]

RFC1396 The Process for Organization of Internet Standards Working Group (POISED). [c. 1993/01/01]

RFC1399 Summary of 1300-1399. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC1744 Observations on the Management of the Internet Address Space. [c. 1994/12/01]

RFC1690 Introducing the Internet Engineering and Planning Group (IEPG). [c. 1994/08/01]

RFC2223 Instructions to RFC Authors. [c. 1997/10/01]

RFC1560 The MultiProtocol Internet. [c. 1993/12/01]

RFC1599 Summary of 1500-1599. [c. 1997/01/01]

RFC2418 IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures. [c. 1998/09/01]

RFC1621 Pip Near-term Architecture. [c. 1994/05/01]

RFC1622 Pip Header Processing. [c. 1994/05/01]

RFC1640 The Process for Organization of Internet Standards Working Group (POISED). [c. 1994/06/01]

RFC1302 Building a Network Information Services Infrastructure. [February, 1992]

RFC1273 Measurement Study of Changes in Service-Level Reachability in the Global TCP/IP Internet: Goals, Experimental Design, Implementation, and Policy Considerations. [ 1991/11/01]

RFC1259 Building the open road: The NREN as test-bed for the national public network. [ 1991/09/01]

RFC1251 Who's Who in the Internet: Biographies of IAB, IESG and IRSG Members. [ 1991/08/01]

RFC1208 Glossary of networking terms. [ 1991/03/01]

RFC1210 Network and infrastructure user requirements for transatlantic research collaboration: Brussels, July 16-18, and Washington July 24-25, 1990. [ 1991/03/01]

RFC1207 FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to commonly asked "experienced Internet user" questions. [ 1991/02/01]

RFC1180 TCP/IP tutorial. [ 1991/01/01]

RFC1175 FYI on where to start: A bibliography of internetworking information. [ 1990/08/01]

RFC1173 Responsibilities of host and network managers: A summary of the "oral tradition" of the Internet. [ 1990/08/01]

RFC1174 IAB recommended policy on distributing internet identifier assignment and IAB recommended policy change to internet "connected" status. [ 1990/08/01]

RFC1167 Thoughts on the National Research and Education Network. [ 1990/07/01]

RFC1160 Internet Activities Board. [ 1990/05/01]

RFC1150 FYI on FYI: Introduction to the FYI Notes. [ 1990/03/01]

RFC1118 Hitchhikers guide to the Internet. [ 1989/09/01]

RFC1111 Request for comments on Request for Comments: Instructions to RFC authors. [ 1989/08/01]

RFC1087 Ethics and the Internet. [ 1989/01/01]

RFC1000 Request For Comments reference guide. [ 1987/08/01]

RFC1017 Network requirements for scientific research: Internet task force on scientific computing. [ 1987/08/01]

RFC1012 Bibliography of Request For Comments 1 through 999. [ 1987/06/01]

Books: Showing

Big Book of Best Current Practices RFCs
[Pete Loshin (Compiler); 2000-09] ISBN 012455847X
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Questions and Answers: Showing

How Are Standards Monitored And Enforced? [ 2000/06/07]

At Ask Slashdot

Applications and Utilities: Showing

rfc-3.2 - Perl script to search for RFC's

At FreeBSD Ports

xml2rfc.tgz - convert memos written in XML to the RFC format

At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386

xml2rfc.tgz - convert memos written in XML to the RFC format

At OpenBSD 2.8_packages i386
http://www.openbsd.org/2.7_packages/i386/xml2rfc.tgz-long.html (At OpenBSD 2.7_packages i386)

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Guaranteed Bandwidth Service - Implementation of real-time, guaranteed bandwidth and delay limited communications and networking

Protocols - Links to pages by specific protocol (NNTP, HTTP, etc.)

File Transfer Protocol - FTP File Transfer Protocol and variants

World Wide Web - HTTP, HTML, standards, browsers, transfer utilities, servers, et al.

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