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OSI messaging protocol
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Information and Publications: Showing

RFC1649 Operational Requirements for X.400 Management Domains in the GO-MHS Community. [c. 1994/07/01]

RFC1495 Mapping between X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies. [c. 1993/08/01]

RFC1328 X.400 1988 to 1984 downgrading. [c. 1992/05/01]

RFC1330 Recommendations for the Phase I Deployment of OSI Directory Services (X.500) and OSI Message Handling Services (X.400) within the ESNET Community. [c. 1992/05/01]

RFC2162 MaXIM-11 - Mapping between X.400 / Internet mail and Mail-11 mail. [c. 1998/01/01]

RFC1465 Routing Coordination for X.400 MHS Services Within a Multi Protocol / Multi Network Environment Table Format V3 for Static Routing. [c. 1993/05/01]

RFC1494 Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies. [c. 1993/08/01]

RFC1496 Rules for downgrading messages from X.400/88 to X.400/84 when MIME content-types are present in the messages. [c. 1993/08/01]

RFC1502 X.400 Use of Extended Character Sets. [c. 1993/08/01]

RFC1506 A Tutorial on Gatewaying between X.400 and Internet Mail. [c. 1993/09/01]

RFC1615 Migrating from X.400(84) to X.400(88). [c. 1994/05/01]

RFC1616 X.400(1988) for the Academic and Research Community in Europe. [c. 1994/05/01]

RFC1648 Postmaster Convention for X.400 Operations. [c. 1994/07/01]

RFC1685 Writing X.400 O/R Names. [c. 1994/08/01]

RFC1802 Introducing Project Long Bud: Internet Pilot Project for the Deployment of X.500 Directory Information in Support of X.400 Routing. [c. 1995/06/01]

RFC0987 Mapping between X.400 and RFC 822. [ 1986/06/01]

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