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Information and Publications: Showing

Sorts.Txt - Discussion of sorting techniques

Books: Showing

The Art Of Computer Programming : Sorting And Searching, Volume 3, Second Edition
[Knowles, Arthur ; Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. ] ISBN 0201896850
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Classical Algorithms in C++ : with New Approaches to Sorting, Searching, and Selection
[Wilson, Rodney C. ; John Wiley and Sons, Inc. ] ISBN 0471109851
- At Barnes & Noble - At Amazon - At Half

Questions and Answers: Showing

I'm trying to sort an array of strings with qsort, using strcmp as the comparison function, but it's not working. []

At comp.lang.c FAQ

Now I'm trying to sort an array of structures, but the compiler is complaining that the function is of the wrong type for qsort. []

At comp.lang.c FAQ

How can I sort a linked list? []

At comp.lang.c FAQ

How can I sort more data than will fit in memory? []

At comp.lang.c FAQ

Most C libraries provide a portable "qsort" routine which is O(n log n). In the standard version of this function, the array must be items of identical size. It is common to create an array of pointers and an appropriate comparison function to allow call heapsort(3) []

The heapsort() and mergesort() described at OpenBSD heapsort(3) - are not as portable as qsort. Check the documentation for the system libraries you will be using, or obtain the appropriate source code. []

Questions and Answers

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Applications and Utilities: Showing

sort(1) - sort or merge text files {oss}

Man pages: FreeBSD RedHat Solaris NetBSD
Source code: OpenBSD FreeBSD

p5-File-Sort-1.01 - Sort a file or merge sort multiple files

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Sort-PolySort-0.12 - General rules-based sorting of lists

At FreeBSD Ports

bogosort-0.3.3 - Sort (or not) stdin using the bogo-sort algorithm

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Sort-ArrayOfArrays-1.00 - Sort an arbitrary array of arrays

At FreeBSD Ports

Libraries and Components: Showing

radixsort (3) - radix sort`` {oss}

Man pages: FreeBSD NetBSD
Source code: OpenBSD FreeBSD

qsort heapsort mergesort (3) - sort functions {oss}

Man pages: FreeBSD RedHat Solaris NetBSD
Source code: OpenBSD FreeBSD
[ANSI C X3.159-1989]

p5-Sort-Fields-0.90 - Perl module to sort lines containing delimited fields

At FreeBSD Ports

p5-Sort-ArbBiLex-3.4 - Perl module to make sort functions for arbitrary sort orders

At FreeBSD Ports

Rg_Isort.C - Insertion sort function {oss}

At snippets.org

Snipsort.H - Header file for SNIPPETS sorting functions {oss}

At snippets.org

Hugesort.C - Quicksort using huge pointers {oss}

At snippets.org

Ll_Msort.C - Linked list mergesort {oss}

At snippets.org

Ll_Qsort.C - Linked list quicksort {oss}

At snippets.org

Rg_Qsort.C - Non-Recursive ANSI/ISO quicksort function {oss}

At snippets.org

Rgiqsort.C - Recursive ANSI/ISO quicksort function {oss}

At snippets.org

Rg_Ssort.C - ANSI/ISO quicksort-compatible shellsort function {oss}

At snippets.org

Strsort.C - (Shell) Sort a string array {oss}

At snippets.org

Sortkey.H - Sort order tables for non-English sort sequences {oss}

At snippets.org

Cmpstr.C - Compare strings with variable sort order {oss}

At snippets.org

Dossort.C - SORT work-alike {oss}

At snippets.org

Libraries and Functions

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